We have a dedicated and highly motivated team with extensive technical experience to provide a fully encompassing Client Monitoring Team (CMT) role or specific design audit requirement.

Darling Monitor was set up by the directors of Darling Associates who have a successful track record of designing buildings across many sectors. Predominantly, we see our building designs through to completion on site but also deliver projects from post planning stages.

We have an exemplar team with an industry wide reputation for interior architecture that has extensive residential and office space planning expertise.

We have significant heritage and listed building experience and are well versed in resolving the often-conflicting requirements of Building Control
and listed buildings.


CMT Complete

By appointing Darling Monitor as the single point contact for your project, we would manage and provide a holistic CMT package with our experienced CMT partners.


he assembled team would have leading industry experience and the necessary construction background on which to collaborate in a CMT role, specifically tailored to your demands.

CMT Partial

We can provide a monitoring architect service or an abridged selection of the services outlined in CMT Complete and collaborate with a larger independently appointed CMT team. In these circumstances , it is essential that the separate appointments that make up the full CMT team provide a fully coordinated service..


We are proactive in ensuring this happens, irrespective of whether we have an appointed general overseeing lead role. We can also provide an abridged service associated with very specific issues or packages.

Our Team

Every CMT Partner we collaborate with is an industry leading specialist company, with extensive construction experience.

The CMT Complete team is based around skilled individuals from those companies who have worked successfully in a CMT or a CMT-related role.

CMT Specialisms

Monitoring Architect

Building Services


External Cladding





Which level is right for you?


We will provide a review of all novated designers and sub-contractor information produced through the building contract (reviewing against employers and legislative requirements), inspection and reporting on all benchmark samples, attendance and reporting at progress meetings and key package meetings, general site inspections and a full involvement in the certification of practical completion, through snagging inspections, including during the defects liability period.


For various reasons a more abridged service may be considered more appropriate for your project. A thorough and professional service is still provided at the highest degree of risk avoidance, however the extent of the service will be project specific. It could be a sample checking procedure, that could involve something close to comprehensive or be restricted to a review of specific package information or attendance at key meetings or site inspections.

Design Auditing

Auditing a building design can happen at an earlier stage, possibly associated with the technical Due Diligence of an incoming investor. A Peer Review might be deemed necessary to ensure a proposal is compliant and fully optimised, prior to a planning submission or moving forward with tender information.

Design Audit

Peer Review


Due Dilligence