Hudson House

Design for the conversion and refurbishment of Sir Edwin Lutyens-designed building located behind Covent Garden Market.

Darling Associates, together with a team of leading consultants, were commissioned by Queensgate Investments LLP to undertake the design for the conversion, refurbishment and extension of the existing building.

The original house was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens, a renowned architect of English country houses, in 1904. He was commissioned to build Hudson House as the headquarters of Country Life Magazine, located just behind the famous Covent Garden Market.

It was completed in 1905 and has been much altered, with a major reconstruction occurring during the 1970s when the roof was replaced and an extra floor was added. It is considered that residential use now represents a ‘good fit’ rather than office use, given its layout, location of the core and relative incompatibility.




Client   Queensgate Investments
Date   2014-
Sector   Residential
Size   19,786 sq ft

DA Team
Damion Burrows

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