Peel House

70 residential unit scheme, providing off-site affordable housing provision for One Hyde Park development.

One Tower Bridge

This five storey residential development skillfully retains the existing facade of an old Metropolitan Police building and provides 70 residential units as the off-site affordable housing provision for the One Hyde Park development.

Peel House retains the elevations of the main building, whilst integrating a new underground car park, contemporary single aspect flats and a three storey terrace of townhouses arranged around a large landscaped courtyard.

High quality materials include adjustable sliding western cedar screens for privacy, clear glazing, white opaque glazed panels, grey coated aluminum and metal detailing. Peel House is 100% Lifetime Homes compliant and 15% of the building’s energy needs are met from renewable sources.




Client   Candy & Candy
Contractor   Lancsville
Date   2007-2010
Sector   Residential

DA Team
Chris Darling
Camilla Parish Summers
Kate Moore

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