Darling Associates Architects are about placemaking.

It is about creating strong communities in work and at home where people enjoy a great quality of life. Our goal is to be a modern business generating long-term value by creating successful, sustainable places where people aspire to live and work.

We are committed to being a responsible business which thinks about the long-term. We seek to not only reduce negative impacts but to maximise the benefits our activities can bring to create a positive impact. Our aim is to be world-class in the area of sustainability, both in terms of running our business efficiently and considerately, and by designing sustainable places.


Darling Associates have achieved operational carbon neutrality, as certified by Plannet Zero, rebalancing our operational greenhouse gas emissions for 2021. We are aware that offsetting is not the solution, however, this is the first step in analysing and taking responsibility for our outputs, with a commitment to a minimum 5% reduction year-on-year towards 2050.

Darlings have invested in Gold Standard carbon credits from a project protecting the Amazon Forest including a habitat for high conservation value species as well as a wind farm project in Karnatka, India, reducing the local reliance on coal generated energy.

Darling Associates Architects endeavours to…

1. Continual improvement in the area of sustainability and enhance our reputation as a sustainable business

Maintain and periodically review our goals to provide clear direction to our employees.

Work in partnership with our clients and design team colleagues to support research and development to improve our approach.

2. Design and deliver sustainable places

Design environmentally sensitive places which enable our clients and end users to lead more sustainable lifestyles.

Aspire to create carbon neutral projects.

Facilitate safe, inclusive and thriving communities.

3. Promote the use of clean energy

Reduce our operational carbon emissions and aspire to be a climate positive company.

Incorporate appropriate clean and renewable technologies within our designs.

4. Design for climate change

Design for expected changes in climate, focusing on flooding, water shortage and ensuring thermal comfort.

5. Use resources responsibly

Reduce the consumption of materials through
careful design and specification.

Specify sustainable materials and services.

6. Protect and enhance ecology and biodiversity

Specify only certified timber and select certified
wood-based products.

Aspire to net biodiversity gain on all new projects through incorporating green infrastructure, from ecological enhancements to living roofs.

7. Use water efficiently and reduce pollution

Incorporate water efficient fittings and encourage rainwater harvesting facilities on all projects.

8. Encourage innovation and infrastructure

Review research and development into emerging technologies and innovation that can be incorporated into our projects.

9. Support decent work

Attract and retain a talented and diverse workforce which operates in a safe, healthy and supportive working environment.

Support the skills, development and training of our employees.

All employees are responsible for adopting sustainability into their day-to-day activities. Ultimate responsibility for all matters related to sustainability rests with the Main Board of Directors. Sustainability is supported by a team of dedicated practitioners.
This policy will be reviewed at least annually and amended where appropriate.