Darling Associates North

Our Manchester-based studio is a leading provider of architecture and interior design solutions to the pubs and hotels sector, with clients ranging from small independent breweries through to major industry names.


They also work with retail and residential care clients, as well as other private commissions. Founded as Architect CT in 1983, the practice merged with Darling Associates in 2018 as part of an expansion in the UK.


Our sensitive transformations of listed buildings have won a number of awards. The practice is currently in the process of providing the architecture and interior design services on some landmark hotel buildings. Our expertise includes creating luxurious guest experiences and overcoming challenges presented by historic buildings.

High Street Pubs + Bars

We have been designing pubs & bars for a number of clients since the practice started out over 30 years ago. Our architecture and interior design teams work closely together to transform these spaces into stunning pubs, while our project management experience means we can ensure everything runs smoothly.

Airport Pubs & Bars

We have a wealth of experience in designing a range of concessions within transport spaces such as airports and railway stations. Often working to extremely tight deadlines both air-side and land-side, we can utilise our in depth knowledge of working in these busy environments managing the complexity of sign off procedures to ensure projects run smoothly from start to finish.

Residential + Care

We work with a number of private clients to provide bespoke services to suit their needs. From residential care, one-off houses to house extensions and garden design, we can tailor our service to all needs. Currently we are working on a retirement home providing care in a high quality environment, and an individual home for a high-wealth family.

Darling Associates North