120 Moorgate

Dynamic transformation of a prominent office located in the City of London for WeWork

120 Moorgate by Darling Associates (Photography: Rachel Ferriman)

As the Moorgate area is transformed in the lead up to the launch of Crossrail, 120 Moorgate represents a symbol of this important regeneration in the City of London.

The 12,400sqm development has become the latest workplace on offer by co-working specialist WeWork, refurbishing and extending the building into a dynamic environment for creativity, focus, and connectivity.

To meet the demands of a cutting edge contemporary office and vastly improve the thermal and acoustic properties required, we stripped the existing building of its current façade and re-clad it with an aesthetic contextual of its surroundings.

We saw an opportunity to make the street frontages more engaging for pedestrians by reducing the weight of the existing building above by means of lighter materials and a more open form. Bringing out the envelope of the building and taking the column inside creates a positive edge on the street. Inside, the column is celebrated as an artefact of the building’s history.

On the seventh floor, the new roof terrace benefits from views across the city and a much higher level of sunlight, with planting kept to the perimeter edge to maximise usable space.

The development targets a BREAAM rating of Very Good.



Client   Vengrove/WeWork
Architect   Darling Associates
Date   2017 – 2020
Sector   Workplace
Size   12,400 sqm GIA

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