Boat Race House

Modern interpretation on the historical use of a former malt house.

The proposed design represents a modern interpretation on the historical use of the site, a former malt house / maltings.

The proposed scheme consists of: the erection of one full additional storey, the creation of a maltings style roof, accommodating an additional storey, and the improvement of the elevations of the building.

A total of 7 new residential units will be created at 4th and 5th floor level, comprising of: 1no. 1-bed unit; 3no. 2-bed units; 3no. 3-bed units. All units will be constructed to fully comply with all design criteria set out in the Lifetime Homes standards. In addition, unit no.18 has been designed to be fully wheelchair accessible.



Client   Grosvenor Securities Ltd
Date   2014-
Sector   Residential
Size   5 storey

DA Team
Liz Moran
Carlos Gravil
Celina Silva

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