Earls Court Marketing Suite

Proposal for a temporary building to showcase the new Earls Court development.

Earls Court Marketing suite by darling associates

The suite consists of three components, a two bedroom apartment, and duplex and management facilities. These are reflected in the visual appearance of the building as it is divided into 3 clearly visible masses. A wrap is added to create a clearly defined entrance.

The suite is positioned in the North Eastern corner away from the 6m high boundary wall on the Western edge in order to reduce the impact of any over shadowing and to maximise the area to the south for the landscaping. It also allows for maximum natural lighting.


The building will be used as a Replacement Homes Suite for the Lillie Square development. Darling Associates built a two storey temporary building with associated landscaping as part of the Lillie Square development Block D.



Client   Capco
Date   2015-
Sector   Residential

DA Team
Damion Burrows
Tabby Bhuiyan
Tibor Szakaly
Catherine Legg

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