Exmouth Junction

400 new homes in a major redevelopment in Exeter

Exmouth Junction by Darling Associates

The redevelopment of Exmouth Junction will provide 400 new homes and 65 units for senior living care, in three, four and five storey blocks.

The project involves the transformation of 15 acres of redundant storage land, as this important site has been underutilised as a former railway interchange site for the last three decades.

Our vision is to create a vibrant community of starter homes, family houses, affordable housing and apartments to rent and buy within an urban parkland setting. Delivering over 400 residential units and a new retirement facility, the project will deliver much needed housing close to both the city centre and the university.

The project will involve the creation of a new neighbourhood which fits with the existing townscape, that integrates high-quality green spaces that people will want to use. Car dominance will be reduced and sustainable travel via walking and cycling routes.

Exmouth Junction by Darling Associates


Client   Eutopia Homes
Architect   Darling Associates
Date   2017 –
Sector   Residential

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