Harcourt House

Refurbishment and extension of listed structure to its former glory as one of the West End’s most eminent residential buildings.

Our proposals seek to reinstate the original residential use and layouts on the upper floors of the building, with a mix of 25 units.

The lower levels will accommodate a world-class medical centre that offers great quality and efficiency, designed to meet the current standards for healthcare buildings.  This will provide large lateral open plan units and represent an important addition to the smaller suites typical of the surrounding and of Harley Street medical district.

The overall refurbishment of the building gives the opportunity to restore, repair and clean the stonework of the facade and replace the windows with new, thermally efficient conservation windows matching the original design.




Client   Centreland
Date   2013-
Sector   Residential
Size   104,787sq ft

DA Team
Chris Darling
Andrew Richardson
Camilla Parish Summers
Uxue Erro Perez
Dominic Cole
Vania Piccioli

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