Extension of country house in Chichester

Following the initial building of Woodlands in 2006, in 2010 Darling Associates began a refurbishment of the existing residential property. The building scheme was designed to have minimal effect on the architectural integrity of the existing property.

The entire interior of the property was refurbished, alongside part of the exterior, transforming the appearance and feel of the house. The existing Woodlands had small windows and a raised deck which obscured the light and views. The windows were therefore elongated to enhance these qualities. Central to the design of the property is the idea of sustainability. Solar panels were installed on top of the approved extension to the rear elevation and on the rear roof.

Siberian larch wood was used to clad the exterior. The larch was applied in a horizontal direction, similar to the existing cladding. Siberian larch has a warm play of colours that over time will weather to a silvery grey colour.



Client   Private Client
Date   2010-2011
Sector   Residential

DA Team
Chris Darling

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